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Do you yearn for a vacation beyond the ordinary,
one that engages the mind, relaxes the body, and enlivens the soul?

Are you ready for a travel experience that ignites all of your senses -
from the heady aromas of a spice market to the loosening of limbs during
a sunrise yoga session?

Do you want to see first hand all the beauty that this world has to offer, sans instagram filters?

Transformation Through Travel

why soulful journeys

Travel that Lifts your spirit and Sets your Soul on Fire

 We all have a lightness within us, an inner child who yearns to explore fearlessly and love without hesitation.

Too often, though, we don’t let our light shine — we get bogged down with day-to-day details, overwhelmed by the endless to-do lists at work, or distracted by every “ping” our smart phones emit.
But here’s the good news: Travel can change that. Intentional, expertly designed travel experiences help you reconnect with the land, with your loved ones, and — above all — with yourself.

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  about  me

Travel has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Having lived in 6 different states before high school, I was on planes and navigating airports on my own before I was even 8 years old. I’ve always found travel to be such an exciting adventure, and I’ve been fortunate to enjoy some incredible experiences throughout my travel life.
However, I’ve come to realize that many people want to take those once-in-a-lifetime trips and bucketlist adventures, but don’t know where to start. They get overwhelmed with the planning process, and as a result those trips get put on the ‘back burner’. Time goes by, other things come up… and oftentimes, people don’t end up taking those trips. My goal is to inspire you to put those travel dreams back on your list and take that adventure you’ve been dreaming of!

work with me

Chris - Europe

I want to thank Christy for executing the perfect European vacation for me and my kids. The trip was flawless! Seriously flawless! The experiences we had and the memories created will last a lifetime.

Gayle - Romantic Getaway to Florida

Christy is exceptional. At the last minute she was able to get us reservations and the accommodations were wonderful. Beautiful view, quiet, lovely. 

Nick - Bora Bora

Christy was absolutely amazing! She went above and beyond making sure this was one of the most memorable trips of our life!

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